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Monday, May 31, 2010

Jennifer Garner

Ah Jennifer Garner. The girl next door version of Jessica Alba. Or do I have that vice versa?

13 going on 30 a
"Some poor guy in the back trained years at Julliard only to end up dancing Thriller behind Jennifer Garner"

elektra a
"What exactly is the point of the armband... it is stylish and all I just don't get it"

Jennifer Garner Aleshenka
"Jennifer Garner Aleshenka"

13 going on 30 B
"Honestly if you saw those two at a regular bar you would think they were hookers."

elektra b
"Oh yeah she blends"

13 going on 30 c
"The real fantasy in these films are the all to perfect New York apartments... I mean who lives like that unless they are expecting company"

elektra c
"Jennifer Garner showing a unique fighting style (and combat uniform) in Elektra"

13 Going on 30 D
"It was clear the writers of 13 Going on 30 never read that book"

Jennifer Garner Districts
"Jennifer Garner Districts"

13 going on 30 e
"13 Going on 30 is the comedy for the kid in all of us because kids are gullible and fairly stupid."

13 Going on 30 F
"Dramatic ordering lunch off the placemat scene"

13 Going on 30 G
"Slumber Party musical numbers always end in either a serial killer or a touching lesbian sex scene."

Jennifer Garner Kobus
"Jennifer Garner Kobus"

Jennifer Garner Kuwait
"Jennifer Garner Kuwait"

Jennifer Garner Purnia
"Jennifer Garner Purnia"

Jennifer Garner Wiese
"Jennifer Garner Wiese Puzzle"

Jennifer Garner takes a shiower and engages in some rather banal discussions in Alias.

No this is more like it. AC/DC music, lingerie and a Garner pays a Peter Clemenza tribute on some poor unsuspecting Carlo Rizzi she lured to bed.

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